Expensive Mistakes to Avoid In Your Philly Home

light bulbDoes all of your holiday spending have you down? If you plan on buying a Philly home in 2018, you may be trying to save up a down payment, or if you’re a new or existing homeowner, you may be trying to cut back on your bills after a recent spending splurge.

Either way, our Stephen Sells Philly real estate team is here to fill you in on some expensive mistakes you may be making in your Philly home! Cut these out and you could see your monthly expenses decrease dramatically.

  • Traditional light bulbs – The price of a CFL or LED bulb is more upfront than incandescent light bulbs, but they could save you a lot of money over time, especially if you replace every bulb in your house! An incandescent bulb uses $180 worth of electricity, a CFL uses $41 and an LED bulb uses $30.
  • Leaky Faucet – Not only can those drips get insanely annoying over time, but one drop per second can waste more than 30,000 gallons each year! You could take 180 showers with that water! Fix the leaky faucet DIY style or call in a professional.
  • Air Filter – Your heater is probably running nonstop this winter season, but did you know that an air filter that is wrongly sized or dirty can cost you on your power bill? It could also cost you expensive repairs for your furnace down the road. Change once every 3-6 months.
  • Programmable Thermostat – If you don’t have one of these yet, this winter is the time to invest in one! These are great for people who travel a lot or who work in an office all day. You can turn down the heat while you’re gone and turn it up an hour before you get home, so it’s always toasty when you’re around!
  • Leaky Windows/Doors – If you feel cold air coming through your windows or doors, you’re probably spending a fortune on heating costs. Rather than just cranking up your heat, caulk leaky windows and put rubber seals around doors. Consider replacing if these solutions don’t help.
  • DIY – The beauty of being a Philly homeowner in the internet age is that you’ve got tons of do-it-yourself information right at your fingertips! If you’ve got some simple fixes that need to be done around the house, you might be able to do them yourself rather than paying a handyman. Your call!

These are just some of the many changes you could make around your Philly home this winter season to save some money. Our Philly real estate team hopes you have a fabulous time ringing in the New Year this weekend, and when you’re ready to achieve your Philly real estate market goals in 2018, contact us! We are here and excited to help you buy and/or sell next year!

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