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Make the most of an open floor plan in Philly!

If you’re in the market to buy a Philly home, are you looking for a home with an open floor plan? If you recently moved into a new home with an open floor plan, how do you like it? While open living spaces were once considered a trend, they are now commonplace in modern homes! Most people love them, but not everybody. Either way, it’s smart to work with your space in a way that will allow you to get the most out of it. Our Philly real estate team is here to offer suggestions.

An open floor plan means that, typically, the living room area, kitchen and dining room are all combined into a larger space rather than separated with walls. Here are some reasons why homeowners love open floor plans:

  • Space! Open floor plans feel much more spacious and airy than homes with rooms closed off. This is especially great when it comes to apartments and condos. The square footage feels much larger with an open floor concept. Plus, it works out great when entertaining. Everyone can see each other no matter where they’re hanging out, including you, the host!
  • Natural light and views are optimized. If you’ve got large windows in the living room, that room is going to be filled with natural sunlight. But if you’ve got a closed off space, that light isn’t going to make it to the kitchen and dining room. An open floor plan allows that light to filter into each common area in your home. Plus, if you’ve got spectacular Philly views, you can enjoy them from anywhere!
  • It’s what buyers want. The majority of homebuyers want an open floor plan right now when searching in the Philly real estate market. Therefore, you may attract more buyers to your home when you go to sell, and your home value may be higher. If you don’t have one, it’s possible to knock down some walls if your structure allows. This runs just over $3,000, on average, according to RISMedia.

If you’re not a fan of open floor plans because of storage space concerns, there are ways around that:

  • Built-in shelving, or shelving/cabinets of any kind utilize vertical space. They could make your room appear taller as well!
  • Corner shelves and cabinets are a great way to utilize corners that otherwise sit empty.
  • Drawers or cabinets can be added to unexpected areas, such as below a staircase, or even within each stair itself. Window seats, kitchen island cabinets and extra rods/hooks/shelves in closets are other great options.
  • Convertible furniture means you need less of it. An ottoman could open up to storage. A couch could turn into a pullout bed for company. A small table could pull out into a bigger table for guests. Get creative!

Consult a professional before you decide to knock down any walls, but overall, open floor plans are very popular among Philly homeowners! If you’d like our help finding the Philly home of your dreams with an open concept, contact us. The Stephen Sells Philly team is always here to answer your questions and to guide you through the home-buying or home-selling process!

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