New signage rules on Market street!


Even New Yorkers have their eye on the Philly Life and all the changes occuring in our awesome city.  Below is the link to a recent times article talking about the first Philadelphia business to take advantage of the new ordinace passed this summer in the city
of Philadelphia to allow business to advertise on digital signs along Market Street in the Market East section of the city.

In hopes to offer an incentive for businesses to begin to see Market street as a viable location option for their companies,
and take advantage of ad sales on the digital signs. I love to see new business come into the city and take up vacant space
to fill with jobs and activity. The Philadelphia Media company will take over 125,000 Square feet of commercial space in the
old Strawbridge & Clothier building and part of the 3rd floor of Gallery Market east!

Philly keeps getting better. Read more about this in the link below to the NY Times article.

Click Here for link to NY TIMES article

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