How to Work With Open Floor Plan as Philly Homeowner

If you’re in the market to buy a Philly home, are you looking for a home with an open floor plan? If you recently moved into a new home with an open floor plan, how do you like it? While open living spaces were once considered a trend, they are now commonplace in modern homes! Most people love them, but not everybody. Either way, it’s smart to work … [Read more...]

What Philly Homebuyers Should Know About Credit Scores

Credit scores. While not exactly what we’d call a fun topic, it’s a necessary topic if you’re thinking about buying a Philly home! Your credit score could determine if you qualify for a loan, and if you do qualify, it could determine how much you’ll pay each month. It’s worth paying attention to! Our Stephen Sells Philly real estate team is here to … [Read more...]

Home-Buying Tips For Pet Owners in Philly

If your roommate is a furry friend, there are a few things you should take note of when buying a home in Philly. While your pet might be satisfied with any home you choose, as long as you’re there, the neighborhood or building might feel otherwise. It’s always best to double check! Our Stephen Sells Philly real estate team is here to fill you in on … [Read more...]

BIG Weekend Coming Up In Philly!

As your Philadelphia real estate team, allow us to fill you in on three exciting events taking place this weekend! We’ll be attending all three and hope to see you around. Rittenhouse Square is the place to be on Saturday, as it is the location of the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival. Sunday, hit up the Burger Brawl at the Xfinity Live! Complex. … [Read more...]

Unsubscribe to Winter 2015

I HAVE OFFICIALLY UNSUBSCRIBED TO WINTER! It is true! Winter I am done with you! I am all about SPRING! After Adam Joseph's forecast showed me 
that the coldest 91 days across the US was behind us and the “meteorological spring,” (It’s a real thing) started this past Sunday, the 1st, I ran with it! I rejoiced and decided I did not have to … [Read more...]

Philly Pop-Up Parks Put More Play in Your Neighborhood

It's summer in Philadelphia and that means one thing: it's time for pop-up parks and gardens. In recent years, seasonal parks and beer gardens have been appearing all over the city, giving people a chance to be social while enjoying a drink in a beautiful setting. This year, there's a pop-up in several neighborhoods around Philly, from the … [Read more...]

Living it Up in Center City

Philly is teeming with things to do. When you're checking out properties in Philly, it's a good idea to also check out what Center City has to offer in terms of entertainment, lifestyle and nightlife. Remember, Philadelphia real estate is about more than just a place to call home. It's also about finding a place that lets you live your life to the … [Read more...]

Are We Overstocking Center City Rentals?

The rental market is booming in Philly. According to a report put together by the Center City District, 2013 saw the addition of more than 1,700 multi-family housing units in the Greater Center City area - between Girard Avenue on the north and Tasker Street on the south and between the two rivers west and east. In 2014 and 2015, another 1,700 … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Winning Your Center City Sanctuary

                Winter might have outstayed its welcome this year, leading to a decline in the real estate market in Center City. Now that the city has “Officially Subscribed to Spring” and the first few signs of spring have finally started to appear, buyers are snapping up … [Read more...]