Unsubscribe to Winter 2015


It is true! Winter I am done with you! I am all about SPRING!

After Adam Joseph’s forecast showed me 
that the coldest 91 days across the US was behind us and the “meteorological spring,” (It’s a real thing) started this past Sundaimagey, the 1st, I ran with it! I rejoiced and decided I did not have to wait till the official start of spring later this month or to wait until this morning’s time change! I immediately stormed my condo and ripped open the closets to pull out the winter coats I failed to “don” this winter and gave them to charity. I broke out my stock of lightweight pants, driving loafers, pink bow ties and my ridiculously awesome NEW PROPERTIES FOR SALE!

That’s Right! Now is the time!

March 1st is not only the start of this year’s meteorological spring, but it is also the start of the Spring REAL Estate market!  March and I are coming in like a LION! My clients, team and I have worked together for a few months to ensure we are providing you with some of Philadelphia’s most choice properties of 2015 to kick off the SPRING SELLING SEASON!

Are you ready?

Have you been constantly checking your Home Pilot account on FoxRoach.com hoping for new introductions that may be just the property you have been waiting for?  Are you tired of the same old inventory day after day? You know which one I am talking about, you know that listing with the man sitting on the toilet in the background of the shot! LOL!

Gotta love bad real estate photography!

My clients and my team are ready to “quench your thirst” if you will, with some sweet introductions coming to the market throughout the month of March and beyond. 

So get ready buyers! Be armed with your pre-qualification and ensure you are working with a REALTOR who has the proper skills, market knowledge and has as much excitement and dedication (like EVAN FRISINA and I) as you to ensure you don’t miss a chance to buy the home that’s on your 2015 wish list!   Mortgage rates are amazing; the City of Philadelphia is HOT! HOT! HOT and the inventory is low!

To all the potential Sellers out there have you been thinking about when is the right time to list your home for sale? I hope this blog post prompts you to ask yourself some serious questions and you will contact my team and I to discuss proper planning, positioning and most importantly pricing. It is all about timing and right now my friends is that time! By crafting unique and custom marketing plans we work to ensure you achieve the most you can from one of your largest assets.  My team and I are happy to provide this insight, confidentially with no obligation or pressure!

Well, that is that! There are my two cents for now! 

Please join me in shedding the winter blues and #OfficiallyUnsubscribeToWinter.

I hope to see you in your lightweight khaki’s and colorful prints at one of my Open Houses soon!

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